Learn To Read Full Set - Special Offer (Does not Include PEN)


Special Offer

  • Ages for reading pleasure: 2-10                                                  
  • Ages for reading instruction: 3 ½- 8
  • The Full series (Sets A, B, and C) contains:     
  •  42 color talking books, Alphabet activity book, 22 activity books (sets B&C only) and teaching guides coordinated with each  talking book in Phases Two-Six, Guide for Phase One and an Overall Guide.

Please note, the PENpal is not included in the pack. The PENpal replaces the MagicPEN, it works the same way but has better sound and 4 times the storage, you will need one to hear the sound enabled content. Click here to buy PENpal

Interactive, fun, easy, natural and inspiring! As children learn to read with this new series they also grow in character and develop moral values. Instructions are so detailed and clear that even new teachers or parents without teaching experience can get great results. It uses teaching methods with decades of success in the United Kingdom, America, Australia, and New Zealand—Synthetic Phonics, Guided Reading, and Inductive Whole-word Phonics.

"New Video: Training to use Learn to Read"

The talking books and activity books are so much fun and so inspirational, that children will want to use them even if they already know how to read or are learning to read with another system in school. These books are designed not only as stand-alone reading instruction, but also to complement almost all systems of teaching children (and adults) to read English. They are coordinated with the UK's "Colour book bands" and Fountas-Pinnell systems.

The series was developed by Dr. Edith Best (Urmila devi dasi) who has a PhD in education and 3 decades of experience in teaching and curriculum development. Dr. Best worked in consultation with 2 of the top 5 reading experts in the world, as well as a dozen experienced reading teachers and specialists. Over 200 people worldwide contributed to the development  of Learn to Read,  including world-class illustrators, translators, and readers.

The “Talking” feature of the PENpal allows children to touch the pages and then hear the stories in English, and 24 other languages such as Hindi, Gujarati, Spanish, Russian, and Thai. This technology allows children to read with understanding and expression.

The PENpal also makes the characters in the illustrations come alive! When children explore the pictures with the PENpal some of the characters will speak and sing.

The “Recorder” feature of the PENpal allows children to interact with the book and helps a teacher to easily monitor many children’s reading skills. It also allows children to compare their own reading to the pre-recorded English in the book itself.

The fascinating stories and the PENpal makes learning fun so children are inspired to spend a lot of time reading. The books are traditional Vedic tales, stories from scripture, or of children who follow traditional culture with respect for cows and the environment. Reading thus gives children pride and confidence in their culture. The many activity books ensure a deep level of comprehension and thinking skills rather than rote learning.

The artwork, paper quality, binding quality, layout, and English grammar and composition are all top first world quality, helping the child to appreciate the relevance of spiritual values in a modern society.

An incredible value, worth over twice the price! Volunteers and donations have covered all the production costs—writing, artwork, layout, translation, and audio work. The only costs reflected in the price are printing, warehousing, and the special pen.

To see all the books and how they work with the PENpal , you can watch these videos and to virtually try out the PENpal yourself you can try this demo.

Instructional ages: 3-6
Interest ages: 2-7

Instructional ages: 5 ½ --6 ½
Interest ages: 3-8

Instructional ages: 6-8
Interest ages: 3-10